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Zhejiang Qin Long machinery technology co., LTD., founded in 2003, mainly engaged in CNC horizontal spindle surface grinding machine with rotary table equipment research, development, production and sales.
Zhejiang Qin Long machinery technology co., LTD., a registered capital of 33 million, covers an area of 60 acres, is located in anji county, huzhou city, the town of river "meixi river" lingang development zone, 220 kilometers away from Shanghai, hangzhou, 65 kilometers.The new national level 11 provincial highway 04 provincial highway and a longitudinal throughout the country, constructed the anji with Shanghai, hangzhou, nanjing, ningbo, suzhou and other surrounding cities two hours traffic circle economy.
Companies adhering to the innovation is fundamental, quality is life, practical is objective, efficiency is the target of the management idea, at the same time actively in the continuous improvement of existing products to develop new products, "frequently dragon" since was established, with hangzhou normal university, zhejiang university and other famous colleges and universities cooperation research, manufacture, open, produce more scientific precision, high benefit and high quality products.Company in product quality, performance, improve after-sales service, etc, and strive to better service for the customer.
"Regular dragon" company sincerely hopes to become a people from all walks of life partners, welcome new and old customers to negotiate business.

Zhejiang Qin  machinery technology co., LTD., the enterprise culture is introduced
Diligent pursuit goal of the dragon: to be the first-class professional CNC grinding machine equipment manufacturer, not biggest, but the best.
Attendance management mode of the dragon: senior leaders personalized, targeted middle-level cadres, staff management pattern.
Regular dragon talent standard: one to be honest and trustworthy, dedicated love factory, third, we need to have a learning spirit, four have expertise.
Frequently mechanism of choose and employ persons of the dragon: institutions, can be set and cadres can, on personnel can into the can, can high energy low income
Diligent work policy of the dragon: carry forward the fine style of bearing hardships and  hard work, play Min Si Ying flexible mechanisms of the enterprise.
Attendance of the dragon enterprise character: honest and diligent.
Often dragon people motto: ideas decide way out, detail decides success or failure.
Learning is the eternal pursuit of regular dragon;Innovation is the development of regular dragon.
Concept of heaven and earth will only make rigid closed; Free space to make active thinking.
For treatment of compensation and make people more and more small, the achievements and contributions to the business will enable the busioness ti become bigger and stronger.
"Don't work hard today, tomorrow efforts to find a job!"
"Work seriously only doing things right; whole heartedly to get things done!"