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  • Shandong Black Cyclone Sawing Industry Co., Ltd.
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Shandong Black Cyclone Sawing Industry Co., Ltd. is invested and constructed by the Black Cyclone Sawing Industry Co., Ltd. of China General Administration of Metallurgical Geology. The Black Cyclone Industrial Park is located in Fenghuang South Road, Laiwu High-tech Zone. It covers an area of 215 mu. Its main products are high performance cemented carbide saw base, metal cold-cut circular saw blade and metal hot-cut circular saw blade. The production capacity is 4 million tablets. It mainly cuts steel, wood, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, semiconductors, non-metals and stone materials. It is widely used in steel works, mines, highways, bridges, airports, urban streets, large venues and other construction, transportation, home decoration, precision machine tool processing and other fields. At present, the enterprise is a "high-tech enterprise", "China Hardware Association Sawing Tools Professional Committee" chairman unit, Shandong Province "the first batch of key dispatching enterprises of strategic emerging industries", "Shandong Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" and "innovative transformation winning enterprises".
The company has 260 employees and has complete technology innovation, scientific research and development, experimental research and QES management system. Now we have formed a technology development team which combines old, middle and young people, has a reasonable age structure, high professional quality, matching knowledge types and can take on the heavy responsibility of technology development. In recent years, its independently developed new scientific and technological products such as "Carbide Saw Matrix Series, Composite Silenced Carbide Saw Matrix, High-grade Sintered Saw Blade" and "Metal Cold and Hot-cut Circular Saw Blade" have passed the appraisal of the achievements of Shandong Science and Technology Department. The technical indexes have reached or approached the international advanced level, and many scientific and technological achievements have won provincial and municipal branches. Technology Progress Award, through the rapid transformation of scientific research results, has comprehensively enhanced the core competitiveness of enterprises. In the industry, we have obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 system, intellectual property management system and national second-level security standardization certification. We have successively undertaken national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects such as "National Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Innovation Fund", "Province Major Scientific and Technological Achievements Conversion", "Torch Plan", "Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction".
In the future, enterprises will take the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the whole production process as the breakthrough point, take science and technology as the driving force, benefit as the center, quality as the survival, innovation as the breakthrough, market as the guide, energy conservation and emission reduction, and management as the means, and new industrialization as the main objective to expand the market. Scale, expand profit space, implement brand strategy, enhance brand value, base on bigger, stronger and better, and lead the technological progress of the industry.